I was able to go out yesterday, a brother of a friend of mine came over for a visit. And as we all do, when we have guest – we go around.


As I am post-processing the images I took of them, I just can’t help not to remember my youngest brother. He would have enjoyed Beijing as well. He would have had a million questions and I will be able to answer them. I would have been a big brother. Too bad, I was not able to really know him. We were too young when we were kids and parted ways soon as we hit high school. I left home, college sophomore and we’re 4 years apart. So that makes him – young.


A part of me whispers that I have abandoned him. The way he sees the world, maybe I have something to do with it. Maybe if I was there, it would have been different. Maybe it would have been easier for him to accept that things are not always dandy. I guess, I’ll never know.