We are all a fan of someone.

I wrote to Alan back in 2012 regarding his free workshop. Two years ago, on Ansel’s birthday, he started offering a free, yes a free 3 day one-on-one private workshop in his own home in Sta. Fe to an inspiring photographer. A $1,650 workshop value, this is his way of  honoring Ansel and keeping the spirit of generosity alive. His way of paying it forward.

Now, if you’re not familiar with Alan, Alan is a master of Black and White photography. He was an assistant of Ansel Adams for many years and was selected by A.A. himself to print his Yosemite Special Edition negatives – from 1975 until today. Exclusively.


Unfortunately, I was not able to get the spot. But to my surprise, not only did he replied to my email – twice, but also sent me something in the post.

I am humbled. I am humbled that an icon took time to reply and spent money to send me something. He may have replied and sent something to all, but imagine how many would that be. Imagine the time and the cost. He also may have an assistant – but still, you get my point.

And as I mentioned earlier, we are all a fan of someone. And as such, you probably have fans as well. People that look up to you, people that asks for your guidance. You probably have fan mails too – and sometimes their questions annoys you.


If an icon took time to answer, who are we to ignore?

So let us take time answering those fan questions that we have. Let us not keep them waiting when we have the time. We must make time. Elementary and sometimes, repetitive as the questions may be, remember that we were once a beginner. Be thankful that someone thinks of us highly enough to seek our opinion. Be thankful that we are being given a chance to pay it forward.

And as we have received – we should give.