Have not been active lately. Maybe it’s because of the overwhelming work [I mean murder] or the tightening policies of the Chinese government. I guess it’s a little bit of both.

Anyway, I am still able to get a shot or two every now and then, when my arms can still hold my camera. Most of the times when I’m not shooting, I’m admiring works online. I am getting fonder of the square format of photographs. I am coming to a point wherein photoshop is getting less used. Ika nga ni Pardales “getting back to roots.”

Not really sure though. Maybe it’s only a phase. I still have these wild images in my mind, like rivers in the sky =)

I’ll be a part of a group exhibition in Manila on the 19th of June. I’ll be presenting photos with color [yup!] and some square ones. Will post the images soon as the announcement is out.