I have always been a fan of photos that tells a story. Those images that invokes emotion just by looking at it. Yup, those photojournalistic type ones.

Well, posted below, though may not be as obvious as many, also has a story to tell. This shot was taken after our last game at Goose and Duck Bar. See, here in Beijing we have a Darts league. And every Thursday, we drop our pens, loosen our ties, sit back, relax and play darts while holding an ice cold Tsingtao against other teams. Make no mistake about it, that though we have fun, it remains to be a competetive game.

One can say that G&D is a pretty well established bar ’round here. It has a huge clientele of expats and locals alike. It is also a home of many darts team.

Anyway, to make the story short, due to some unforseen events that transpired long after I left the game, it was agreed upon that we shall never play in Goose and Duck again and as of this writing we have yet to find a homeboard. Bonkers!

Cliff, Nate, Larry, Owen, Bryan, Ton-Ton
Renen, Hector, Joey

Goose and Duck may be a thing of the past but Manila Bulls rages on!