In collaboration with Grand Image Art Ltd., I am happy to announce that some selected works are now be available by demand across the United States and Canada. Click more on the full collaboration.

The Beauty in Black & White | November 2011 | English | Source Link

The most recent release of Grand Image’s Print on Demand (POD) line welcomes ReD Ognita to the stable. ReD Ognita is an award-winning photographer, born in Philippines and currently living and working in Beijing, China. Ognita’s images have a distinctive aesthetic inspired by the architecture of his environment in China–similar to Hiroshi Sugimoto’s ‘Seascapes’ and the quite contemplative nature of a Mark Rothko painting.

Motivation & Process

In 2006, Ognita began photographing his new surroundings as the expansive landscape of China became his new muse. Spending most of his time overseas, photography became a conduit for Ognita to experience joy in the nostalgia.

“Photography started out as a way for me to connect to the past. I work overseas most of the year, and the photo is the only way I can time travel. Photographs became time machines. Even before, I knew that photography can be something more.”

Ognita employs a two-phase process where he captures the images using a long-exposure or long-duration shutter speed and then edits them digitally with special post processing techniques.

“Whenever I can, I subscribe to the technique of long exposures and to the idea of less is more. The ability to gather time and put them in a single frame amazes me.”

His subject matter focuses on solitary landscapes, hidden architectural creations, and never seen seascapes in a consistent square format. Ognita has won many awards for his artwork including the International Photography Awards; Prix de la Photographie, Paris; and the Beijing International Photo Contest. Grand Image is his US publisher, however Ognita is represented by the following fine art galleries in China: Tai Ji Xuan Gallery (Beijing) and Ioahin Gallery (Macau).