The last day of work for my boss coincided with our Winter Party. Winter party in respect to our colleagues that does not celebrate Christmas but do want to participate in the fun of merry making.

Every year, different unit makes their presentation to show at the party. I’ve been at the embassy for quite some time and decided long before December that I would not be involved in any dance, sing or sing and dance for that matter.

But then again, it will be the last day of my boss and a part of me wants her to have Grand Exit, so to speak.

Since I am into photography and already did a video for last year’s party, I opted for something fresh. With the help of Hector and the participation of everyone, we were able to finish something that has never been done before (as far as my 7 years of experience knows)

Time lapse
[due to security reasons, I have deleted the video. Believe me. It was A-W-E-S-O-M-E]

1 week in the making.
15 frames per second.
3+ minutes of video
Made out of more than 1500 photos, this video is also my first time lapse attempt.
Credits to Fat Boy slim and the 2 timelapse vids I used at the beginning.

Nabil, myself and Erin (the Chief)
…. all the best plus 1 boss!