I had already seen the works of Dave Hill and Dragan before and always wondered if those images can be created solely by photoshop. I know for a fact that an image must be a strong one at the start. I have seen their outtakes on how they light and such so I just surrendered trying to copy the effect (seeing that my only light is the sun and my flashgun)

2 days ago, I encountered another artist by the name of Jill Greenberg. Her images are, in a way like of those Dragan and Hill. It got me all pumped up again and said to myself “let’s give it another try”

A friend gave me a picture of another friend who is goofing around, and here’s what I’ve came up with.



This was achieved by:

Duplicating the original
Making BW by Gradient Map and changing the layer mode to Multiply
Making another copy of the original and then putting it atop the BW image
Lower the opacity to taste
And then a double High Pass sharpen.

Not that close but getting there eh =)

Thanks to Dom and Andreu for the image 🙂