I have come to know a year ago that photos that kick-ass online does not equate to a photo deserving a wall. I have known that photography is print.
Since last year, I have tried to print my own. Talking to persons I know that could teach me a thing or two and reading almost everything there is to read about printing.
After countless ink cartridge, paper types, profiles, calibrations- I surrender. You know the saying, try and try until you succeed? it’s not always true, hehe. You must learn when to give up as well. The time and effort I put in perfecting my colors and tones between papers is just too much and it’s keeping me from the thing I like most – shooting.

What ’bout framing?

I have a couple of frames from IKEA (not archival) which I really like. Aesthetically, I think they’re up to par with those gallery type frames. I want to use them. I will use them. I have customized my size for the image to fit. Since last week, a couple of friends got interested in my prints and to cut the chase, I was able to print it. No, not me. I went really far for this – literally. I got my photos on an Ilford pearl printed on Epson with K3 inks. It was all good =)

Time to frame it up. It will be like a walk in the park.

No. It was not a walk. It’s more of a run – not in the park even. Framing the works alone is like a bad dream. The specks of whatever that falls onto the matting is annoying. You slowly take it out to rid of it but as soon as you put the matting back- there it is again on a different spot. So you take out the whole works- board, matting, photo and glass. Fitting of the adhesives and smudges, all of them – your enemies. I had all things going good only to find out on the final check that I have smudged my logo on the matte. Great!
Lesson, let it dry first. And thing is, you can’t just say “that would do.” I tried to do that but went back at it after 5 minutes. So, you start over again, maybe this time you’ll get it right.

Doing it for several times, you’ll make it. You’ll hold it at arms length, put it to light, view it on different angles and check. Good! you’d say. BUT oh, what about that string thing to hang the work with???

You’d do it again and go through all of it. Again.

After ’round 2 hours, sore fingers and new found love for framers. I was able to finish it off. Not really as awesome a seasoned framer would have made it but hey, it was me.

When it was all done, I felt like it deserves a photo.

Tip of the day: Gloves are gold and though frustrated and all, do not utter a word in front of your prints. You might have something in the print enough for a DNA test.