“Why do you want to be a V.O?”

… and by that question, a different perspective arised, warranting more thought on a rather simple answer.

Ilse has been at the forefront of the Embassy for as long as I can remember. She hired me. Managers, supervisors and staff had come and left but Ilse remained. Keeping every knowledge learned through experience and putting it into use for the organization. On her last day of work, the entire immigration section had a barbecue for her. A farewell out of the ordinary. Coffee morning are what we usually do for a staff that is leaving. To have a barbecue, well that’s just something else. There were food, stories, presentations and bids of good luck from her former superiors.

I’ve worked under her for almost 6 years. Being an anal person, her attention to details are amazing. Needless to say with the 6 years we’ve had, we did not always see eye to eye. We will sometimes bark at each other like enemies, but maybe only because we are friends as well.

Those who do not know her better, believes she’s a pain to work with but for me, she is a friend. A true one. She was there during the most difficult times of those six years, ready to lend a hand. She had supported me with every endeavor I have taken. Believed in me when even I doubted myself.

She is really a gem to have and I consider myself lucky to come across someone like her professionally and most important, personally.

Farewinds boss.