I just finished an interview for POP-PHOTO magazine in China. Together with my gallery representatives, we sat down for the question and answer. Knowing that I came from pigment prints, I was asked what I think of my platinum/palladium. I looked intently to my prints and mumbled, “it feels more human.” Then I said it again louder with more conviction.

It’s like I just discovered something new.

In comparison to my inkjet prints, the platinum palladium prints are with flaws. Gradations are not as smooth. Things are not as sharp. Even the tones are not even for each print. But why does it feel more ‘alive’ ? why are they so attractive? I know that it’s all subjective but why is it to me. Why when what I aim for is perfection in every piece.

I recognise that the same characteristics can be said to the prints of some photographers I look up to. Their prints in silver gel and pt/pd are with flaws while their digital ones are more ‘perfect.’

What’s going on?

Then I realised that, maybe, in some level, I connect more with the scratches and dustspots because I am human – with imperfections. And since platinum palladium prints are coated by hand – no two prints will look exactly the same.

My work now represents me more than ever.




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