I was talking with my brother a few days back and he mentioned that he just doesn’t get it. He does not get what makes the master – masters.
Who are these people who says he’s a master and he is not. Nosibalasi nga naman ba sila?

… I had the same questions before and it me realise that it’s not someone. It is something.

Time is the judge of all things – including those that we create. People who gives critique will change. Rules will change. Fashion will change. The media will change. Tools and methods will change. All will change, but if what you created stand through all these changes – then, I think there’s got to be something worth noting. We might be famous today but will our work be famous 50 years to the future? conversely, your work might be considered ugly today, but who is to say that you’re not ahead of your time?

So do not burden yourself with thoughts of grandeur. Do your best and be true to yourself. Be the judge of your own work and let the card fall wherever they may – today or in the future.