“The Gods has forsaken me, now there is no hope”

Kratos, also known as the Ghost Of Sparta plays the main character on a playstation game which is also the very first game I finished. I am not a gamer and if I do play it is very often that I see the game through it’s end. Kratos, acting as a spartan warrior who found himself in the middle of defeat. Desperate, he called onto Ares for help. And since then, he became a servant to Ares.
In the effort to sever Kratos of his humanity, Ares tricked Kratos to kill his own family. Kratos renounced his service to Ares and started to wander and serve other Gods in exchange for redemption of his sins.
But in the end… well, you need to play the game =)

I wanted to have something of Kratos. I tried looking for an action figure but found none.
That was almost a year ago.

Last month, I found one =)